Ho’oponopono Certification – Master the Ancient Hawaiian Healing Practice, Global Bazaar

Ho’oponopono Certification – Master the Ancient Hawaiian Healing Practice

How often do you feel that you are not satisfied with your life? Does every phase you have been through give you contentment? We all have been through the ups and downs of life. Some moments give you happy memories while others help you learn some lessons. You probably think that you might not be able to overpower your fear or your boundaries. Do you ever wonder if there could be a possibility of getting rid of all those reminisces and disturbing feelings?

Well, there is a way to show you a new and deeper direction. It can even change your life forever. For that reason, you have to take a course, an informal course called Ho’oponopono Certification. You probably are now wondering whether it is trustworthy or if it is just another scam to swindle people in order to make some money. It is okay to think so but trust me, after you finish reading about Ho’oponopono Certification, you will be thankful to me that I informed you about it.

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What is Ho’oponopono Certification?

Ho’oponopono is a method of practicing forgiveness and it originated in Hawaii. In the ancient period, this Ho’oponopono prayer used to be practiced by healing priests in order to heal ill people. In the present context, it is practiced by the eldest member of the family or simply by the individual. As per the Polynesian belief, a person becomes ill due to hard; i.e., the person’s own errors. Those errors lead to mental dissatisfaction, fear, and frustration.

Hence, to help those people who cannot overcome their weaknesses, Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon modernized the Ho’oponopono practice along with the help of Dr. Hew Len. This spiritual practice helps expand your mind and opens up your heart. This life-changing practice also gives in-depth training and inspiration to all people. This is a miracle that comes directly from the divine right to us. Thanks to this multi-dimensional educational system, everything that is weighing you down will soon be cut off.

Ho’oponopono Certification – Master the Ancient Hawaiian Healing Practice, Global Bazaar
Ho’oponopono Certification Review

How did Ho’oponopono Certification become a course?

Ten years ago, Dr. Joe Vitale was a normal person with some abnormal thoughts.

Those were such things that go on in your head and make you unstable. He then found a remedy for himself. He met Dr. Hew Len who taught him the Ho’oponopono practices: the prayers and the education. This helped him a lot indeed. Vitale became a Ho’oponopono practitioner. Then he met Mathew Dixon and taught him this too. One day, they realized that this Ho’oponopono practice could be of great help to other people just the way it helped them. So they started rescuing people from being prisoners of their own minds. Moreover, they started this as a course where any person could get certified and be a practitioner.

How Ho’oponopono Certification helps you?

‘Ho’oponopono’ is the practice of rescuing oneself from the prisons of their own mind. This helps you to be a forgiver; i.e., you have to forgive yourself and forgive people. It gives you new insights that take you in a new direction. It inspires you to have a purpose in your life. And anything that had been troubling your mind for ages will be erased in a short period of time, including all the stress and frustrations. It helps you develop a mindset of having zero limits.

What does it take to be a part of the ‘Ho’oponopono’ Certification by Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon?
Everybody wants a change but very few are determined to make a change. The frustrations that eat people inside don’t let them think about anything new. They fear so many things that even change seems unbearable to them. So, to be a part of this, you must be willing to change yourself. Your consistency and your perseverance will count a lot. You can then register. Your whole time during this course will give your mind some peace for a lifetime. So don’t miss the opportunity.

What will I get in the Ho’oponopono Certification Package?

Ho’oponopono Certification – Master the Ancient Hawaiian Healing Practice, Global Bazaar
Ho’oponopono Certification Review
  • This course teaches you the art of self-healing in 3 modules. The ‘Ho’oponopono’ course has a set of 8 video lessons for learning the fundamentals of ‘Ho’oponopono’. These instructional videos are 6 hours and 40 minutes long. The contents of the videos are mentioned below.
  • Video 1 – Your Introduction to Ho’oponopono
    In this video, you will learn how to build the foundation of practicing Ho’oponopono along with the 4 mantras that can help you work on yourself and help others too.
  • Video 2 – Zero and the Void
    The main theme of the video is teaching you the essence of life. The 3 states of your mind: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious have been well explained.
  • Video 3 – The Mechanics of Cleaning Tools
    The physical and intellectual aspects of your mind are interconnected, and the connection of your mind’s consciousness and divinity creates pure thoughts. You will find that these aspects have been focused on this program.
  • Video 4 – Connecting to Divinity
    This video helps you understand the walls made from your memories. Along with it, it teaches you how to make a connection between the divine and your inborn qualities.
  • Video 5 – Cleaning Tools in Practice
    Are you fed up with irrelevant anxiety? Do you want to erase it badly? Well, this video is certainly going to help you.
  • Video 6 – Perspectives on Zero
    This video is going to teach you 4 new Ho’oponopono practices along with how to reach the subconscious and unconscious states of mind.
  • Video 7 – Attracting People Who Need Your Help
    This video teaches you something very important- therapeutic sessions. It also teaches you how to open your heart and expand your mind.
  • Video 8 – Perfect Creation
    In this final video, you will learn your responsibilities as a Ho’oponopono practitioner. And the whole video session will be wrapped up in the final thoughts.
  • Testing and Certification
    After successfully completing the whole course, you will be eligible to participate in a test. And if you pass with over 75% marks, you have to submit an essay to review and get certified by the Global Sciences Foundation!

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Pros Of Ho’oponopono Certification

  • Unique and effective: This Ho’oponopono practice by Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon has been proven to be very effective. This unique art of self-healing has become very popular these days. This modernized modularity is designed to teach everything from the basics.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee: Every person has a different way of being healed. And if you are not satisfied within 60 days of enrollment, you can cancel your membership. Without any arguments, you will be refunded with all of your payment.
  • Quality audio and visual: Scientifically, it has been proven that people tend to learn faster from what they see and hear when compared to what they read. And when one purchases something that is to be learned through audio and visuals, it is obvious that the material will be of high quality. These 8 videos are completely understandable and the quality of the multimedia is satisfying.
  • No registration deadline: As I said earlier, this is an informal course. There are no specific intakes and enrollments. You can learn modernized Ho’oponopono practices at any time of the year.
  • E–learning facility: Yes, you can learn all about the Ho’oponopono practices online. You can easily get access to everything you want with just a few clicks. All you need is a good internet connection.

Cons Of Ho’oponopono Certification

  • This course is for serious and committed individuals only.
  • You will need to step out of your comfort zone and face painful memories.
  • If you want to earn money with the program, you will have to find customers on your own.


Ho’oponopono Certification is appropriate for all. You just have to be at least 18 years old to be enrolled in this program. This practice has been effective since its origin. The modernized Ho’oponopono helps you heal, forgive and set your mind free from all boundaries. As per the course, you will have zero limits. All the times when you are a prisoner of your own will soon be gone. However, it is not necessary for you to completely believe me. Do you want to be more clear about it? Be a part of it. All those people who participated in this program successfully healed themselves. This ritual is powerful and concise at the same time. It helps you live your everyday life in a positive way.

Over the time of learning, you will be familiar with 4 new ‘Ho’oponopono’ practices: I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, and Thank you. These four tenets encourage people to create peace with themselves and others. All the important aspects of your life, such as your relationship, your career, your health, and your job. etc. are addressed well to make sure that you will be clarified on each aspect individually and heal accordingly. All of your limited beliefs will be gone. There will be no more stress, no more underestimation, and no more frustrations. So live your life to the fullest as you only live once.

Ho&#8217;oponopono Certification &#8211; Master the Ancient Hawaiian Healing Practice, Global Bazaar
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