Pisces Man Secrets Review – What Pisces Man wants in a woman?, Global Bazaar

Pisces Man Secrets Review – What Pisces Man wants in a woman?

Pisces Man Secrets. The book is an invaluable resource for women who are in a phase or hoping a Pisces man will become a lover. It uncovers the secrets of the secret personality. The author begins by explaining the impact of astrology on human nature and sharing her experiences on relationship challenges and how astrology intervened. The book acknowledges the complexity in dealing with this mysterious man in the zodiac and guides how to win them

The book is an invaluable resource for women who are in a phase or hoping a Pisces man will become a lover.

  • Creator: Anna Kovach
  • Contents: ebooks
  • Price: $37.00

Official Website: piscesmansecrets.com

Pisces Man Secrets Review – What Pisces Man wants in a woman?, Global Bazaar


Introducing “Pisces Man Secrets”

The author, Anna Kovach has a new point of view on relationships. She shares her experience in relating with men and the confusion she had gone through until she found an answer in astrology. According to her, the best way to learn about an individual’s personality is through astrology. Date of birth is associated with a moon with specific characteristics that define people born during a certain period. She identifies the most mysterious people in the universe, Pisces men.

Kovach, a relationship consultant, and counselor explains how men in this zodiac sign can be confusing. They are both cold and do not depend on situations and environments. They are not consistent; when you think he is cold and wants to handle him that away, he throws a curveball. It can be draining and if possible, you would give up on wooing a Pisces man. But they are charming and probably the best romantics of the zodiac sign, which is why women stick around to uncover this mysterious man.

About The Book

According to the author, it is out of public demand and much consideration that she decided to share the priceless secrets of getting a Pisces man through the book. The book is divided into several portions, from understanding the perception of a Pisces Man as a basis of winning the man then what to do or not do when interacting with a Pisces man.

The book is about encouraging women who are almost giving up on Pisces’ relationships. It acknowledges that Pisces men are difficult to deal with considering it is a blend of Neptune (god of the Sea) and Jupiter (Philosophy). She demonstrates the magic in love, while it is difficult to predict the future with relationships, most people get in and out of relationships. There is a button to hit every individual, including Pisces. The key is finding when and where the soft spot lies. The book goes on to specific elements of Pisces and their complex traits.

The book addresses the elephant in the room. Pisces men are charming yet cold and unemotional. It doesn’t make sense why an individual that seems to like you and say everything right is not interested in you. When you think you have read all the signs right and the man is into you, you get disappointed by a week’s silence. Who is a Pisces man? This is the focus of the book. According to Kovach, understanding the astrological makeup of this man helps in turning their coldness into passion and undying love.

From the book, it is possible to make Pisces a hopeless romantic for you, to think about you all night. They are complex but not as rigid as you may think.


Pisces man is hard to understand. It is easy to fall in love with such a man because they are naturally charming but it may never advance from this stage. You might be asking yourself questions on what you do wrong (probably you are pushing them). However, if they would be disinterested they wouldn’t maintain the friendship. Are you just obsessed with the man and imagining signs that don’t exist?

This book helps you to understand the following:

  • Are Pisces men promiscuous or loyal?
  • Compatibility with a Pisces man
  • Is he ignoring you? Why cold and hot?
  • How to know a Pisces man is in love
  • Why are Pisces men complex?
  • Does he like you or only wants to sleep with you?
  • How to signal a Pisces man to make a move
  • How to win back your Pisces man after a break up
  • Why isn’t he talking to me or answering calls?
  • Does he play mind games with lovers?
  • Why is he unemotional?
  • How to make the first move without appearing desperate

 How to get the book

Previously, the author was reserved about publishing. She was only acting as a consultant. However, the increasing need by women desperate to get a Pisces man forced her to find a way to share her experience and tips with the public. According to Kovach, it became a burden to her, people suffering yet they cannot afford her consultation fee.

Today, you can own a copy; it is published and available in bookstores. You can also order online.


This book is essential if you are relating with a Pisces man. Irrespective of whether you are divorced, verge of breaking up, now in a relationship, or hitting up on him and want him to make

Pisces Man Secrets Review – What Pisces Man wants in a woman?, Global Bazaar

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