Vert Shock – Unleash Your Vertical Jump Potential and Soar Above the Competition, Global Bazaar
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Vert Shock – Unleash Your Vertical Jump Potential and Soar Above the Competition

Pro basketball players, Adam Folker and Justin Darlington have collaborated to create the Vert Shock program to help rapidly develop the necessary skills to become a flawless baller. High jumps, dunks or and verts are notoriously complicated to master. They all require fastidious eyesight synchronization, lightning speed, and great muscle power.

Designed to benefit amateurs and professionals alike, testimonials of Folker’s system have reported demonstrable improvements in just a couple of weeks. Folker and Darlington have ensured that all exercises introduced through the program have scientific backing; proven to teach trainees how to jump up to an additional 15 inches. With Darlington being the world’s highest dunker: he certainly knows his high balls!

Vert Shock – Unleash Your Vertical Jump Potential and Soar Above the Competition, Global Bazaar

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What Is The Vert Shock Program?

Vert Shock is a scientifically proven program centered around bodyweight and polymeric exercises, which has been designed by Justin Darlington and Adam Folker: the world’s highest dunker and former forward of the UC Irvine team, respectively. At 6’8″, Folker is now a star dunker, but it hasn’t always been this way. He had to suffer the humiliation of failure before he developed this system that targets muscle fiber Ilb manipulation to optimize performance in practicing vert jumps.

After many years of training and looking for effective systems, Darlington discovered that the human body essentially has two different types of contracting fibers on the muscles: low and fast fibers. This meant that he soon found out that stimulating the fast-contracting fibers, dramatically improved his vertical jump. When fibers type IIb are worked in a way that makes them contract at a really fast speed, the body can jump incredibly high without the extra effort.

Who Is This Vert Shock Program For?

Vert Shock &#8211; Unleash Your Vertical Jump Potential and Soar Above the Competition, Global Bazaar
Vert Shock Review

This program has been created for anyone who wants to increase their vertical jump. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional player or a school kid; if you want to extend your jump safely and scientifically, then this is the program for you. Despite being high impact, safety is considered throughout the program; reducing injuries common to the practice, such as patellar tendonitis.

The shock part of the techniques presented in Vert Shock comes from the effect it has on the nervous system, activating the body so it can perform higher jumps. It doesn’t require special skills or involve extreme weight lifting, so it is a safe method for people of all genders and ages, whether they are professional or not.

What Do You Do?

Vert Shock consists of three main stages: phase one being the pre-shock, phase two “shock” and phase three, yep, you guessed it: post-shock. The pre-shock phase occurs within the program’s first week and encourages confidence to adopt the principles laid out within the rest of the program. During this period jumping capacity typically rises by 3 -5 inches.

In phase two, Shock, the body is pushed to its limits and trained to jump higher and higher. This phase is designed to last approximately six weeks and essentially shocks the nervous system into producing higher jumps. With a range of included tips and tricks to measure your jump, it’s really important to use a visual record to motivate you to keep on practicing.

This program’s short final phase is only a week long. During this period, you will basically train your muscles to recall the skills they have gained in the last two phases, using muscle memory. This will guarantee that the skills have become so embedded within your body’s responses that it can reproduce them without you having to think about it!

Why Is Vert Shock Popular?

Professionally laid out, the program is well organized and simple to implement, regardless of how professional or amateur you are at basketball. User-friendly and cost-effective, the program contains everything you need to get started immediately after purchasing it. Throughout the pdf files and materials accessed online, the language is really easy to follow and presented in a motivational way.

Additionally, Vert Shock basically does what it says on the tin and it works! This is a major factor in why so many people have given positive feedback from using the program. Delivering tangible results in a short space of time will save you heaps of time, effort, and money, which are typically spent on boots, additional classes, and supplements.

This is by far one of the most popular aspects of this program is that it includes an online site that can accessed 24/7. This means you can develop your own optimum training time around the rest of your life, without having a regimented schedule. For this reason, the program can fit into even the busiest of lives.

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Vert Shock &#8211; Unleash Your Vertical Jump Potential and Soar Above the Competition, Global Bazaar
Vert Shock Review

Four Major Skills

Although the program focuses on developing and extending your dunk, it also incorporates a focus on four major skills: Dribbling, Shooting, Defense, and PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).

Dribbling is a key skill in playing basketball, and all players need to demonstrate a good dribble technique. Basically, shooting is the main focus of this program, as it is commonly used to aim for the basket! Increased performance can be achieved through the player jumping higher, which is perfected using the principles outlined in Folker and Darlington’s narrative. As the most important part of the basketball game, defense is covered too. Vert Shock helps to develop and maintain superfast reflexes essential in good defense.

Devoting time to mental strength and positivity is what really sets Vert Shock apart from other similar programs. Key to improving performance is believing that you can and training using the Vert Shock method not only enhances mental stamina but additionally boosts self-confidence and willpower.

What Do I Get?

Included in the package are an overall introduction, and the three phases workout manuals, which are accompanied by detailed videos demonstrating techniques. Additionally, trainees get a printable Vert tracker to monitor progress throughout the program and a jumper’s checklist and dietary advice.

One of the fantastic benefits is access to a forum which means you can contact the Vert Shock support team 24 hours a day; providing safety and tips, plus enabling you to establish connections with other trainees.

Finally, Folker and Darlington offer a two-month money-back guarantee, which means that if for any reason, the program doesn’t meet your expectations, you will get your money back without questions.

This is a risk-free investment. Get your copy of Vert Shock program today!

Vert Shock &#8211; Unleash Your Vertical Jump Potential and Soar Above the Competition, Global Bazaar
Vert Shock Review

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